Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage works deep into the muscle and fascia to release some of the most stubborn complaints restoring the muscles to their full function.

Many of the movements are slow steam roller-like motions and muscle stripping motions to ensure that the full muscle and surrounding area is worked and stimulated. It can release deep-seated stress in the muscular and nervous system, increasing oxygen and blood flow in the superficial and deep musculature, creating an overall feeling of wellbeing.


Matthew and his female counterpart Zoe both offer Deep Tissue Massage. You can come to our studio or you can book a home visit as we are mobile massage therapists and we can come to you. You can choose which therapist you would like or if you are a couple or more we can both come at the same time. We of course will bring all our own equipment, massage table, towels, oil and music so you donĀ“t need to provide anything. For mobile massage our minimum is a 90 minute massage or more than one person.

We offer Full Body Integrative Holistic Deep Tissue Massage. The level of pressure we use when massaging the body will depend on the person, what you like and what is needed if there is an injury or stubborn complaint. You are always in complete control and can say if you want more or less pressure. We prefer that you communicate this with us. Our Deep Tissue Massage differs from that of Thai Massage which is often painful with the use of the tip of the elbow on trigger points. While Thai massage from an experienced and skilled massage therapist is great, ours is different and we utilise a wider range of techniques and form to subtly go deep into the needed areas, which can be intense but not so painful and we achieve the desired result gently. For injuries we use many techniques including active and passive release which can often have what seems like magical instant results.

It is quite common to even fall asleep with our Deep Tissue Massage as we move slowly and fluidly releasing nervous tension from the meridian energy points which completely relaxes the nervous system and allows you to let go. So if you would like to book with us then the best way is to call or preferably Whatsapp us on 0034 662525599



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